White Cherry


A fun sweet and tart cherry blend with a base of a white tea and two green teas.

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An unconventional tea blend. It is a delicate, soft and silky drink with Pai Mu Tan white tea, Long Jing green tea, and Jasmin pearls, combined with cherries and coconut chips. Usually, the taste of cherry can be overpowering however, this tea finds the right balance.


An unconventional tea blend. It contains White tea Pai Mu Tan, also known as White Peony, which is a white tea made with young leaves and provides a floral flavor and aroma.

Lung Ching green tea is also an ingredient of this blend. Lung Ching or Dragon Well is a Chinese tea from the province of Zheijang.  Like any other Chinese green tea, Lung Ching leaves are roasted early in the process to stop oxidation. The oxidation is stopped by heating the leaves in a pan.

The fruity and nice aroma of this blend comes from the cherries that are part of this blend. The ginger and black pepper offer a spicy twist. This makes it a refreshing tea to sip on.




Chinese White Tea  Pai Mu Tan, green tea Darjeeling, green tea China -Fog Tea, -Lung Ching, -Jasmine Jade Pearls, cherries, coconut chips (coconut, coconut fat, sugar), fl avor, rosebuds


Fragrant, sweet and tart with notes of cherry


Smiley face 8 fl oz Smiley face 180 F
Smiley face tsp Smiley face 2-3 mins


Wanna sip with a twist? Add 1/4 cup of vodka and some ice. Shake it and pour in to a glass. Cheers!


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