Golden Needles


An exceptional Chinese black tea. Sadly it is no longer on stock and we don’t know if we can ever find more of it. Alas, such is life.

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This tea is literally a piece of art. It was handmade by Ms. Zhao Yu Jie from Fenging County in Yunnan. The leaves of this tea were harvested on March 20 from a 100-year-old wild tea tree


Golden Needle is considered a Chinese gourmet tea because of its spicy and sweet aroma and the lack of astringency in its flavor compared to other black teas. This tea also contains unique golden tips which are young tea leaves packed full of flavor.

The best golden needle is produced only with new sprouted tips, this one was harvested in the early months of this year (March 20th), it was handmade by Ms. Zhao Yu Jie. It was picked from a 100-year-old tea tree located in the Fenging County in Yunnan. This region is well-known because it offers the right elevation and conditions to produce high-quality teas.

Golden Needle is considered part of the Dianhong teas, that can be translated as “red tea”, this tea is considered relatively new, as it was produced for the first time in the early 20th century. It is produced by picking leaves from ancient wild trees, followed by an oxidation process that reveals the golden tips. Before this process was adopted, the teas grown in Yunnan were typically produced in a compressed form like the modern Puerh tea.




Black tea


A spice rush aroma with hints of maple syrup and roasted cane sugar


Smiley face 8 fl oz Smiley face 212 F
Smiley face tsp Smiley face 3-4 mins


This lusciously rich tea, taste exceptionally great when you add milk and/or sugar.


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