Dark Rose


It is a dark heart, that can turn surprisingly smooth and refreshing if you can warm it up – boiling water will do.

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These dark rose hearts are made by blending dark tea from Anhua, Huanan with roses from Shandong (famous for its roses) This is a fermented tea but it is not a Puerh. Find out why this is a “Dark” tea and discover a legend about its origins in the tea profile.


Dark Tea (Hei Cha) production dates to 1500s, also known in China as Bian Xiao Cha (Border-Sale tea) as it is normally sold in the border regions. Dark tea undergoes an aging process where the bacteria reacts and changes the chemistry, flavor, and aroma of the leaves. It contains an active microorganism called Golden Flowers (Eurotium Cristatum) this microorganism is present specifically in the Dark tea made in Anhua region.

This dark rose heart is made by blending Tian Jian dark tea from the Xue Feng mountain in Anhua, Hunan combined with edible roses from Pinyin county in Shandong (famous for its roses) creating a delicious tea in the shape of a heart. While Dark tea is a fermented tea, it is not the same as Pu-erh tea. The Pu-erh tea is only produced in Yunnan Province, the main characteristics of Pu-erh tea are the earthy aroma and flavor. Dark tea, on the other hand, comes from the province of Hunan, this tea is lighter and sweeter than Pu-erh. Both teas are intentionally aged, but dark tea is not aged for extended periods of time as Pu-erh.


There is a legend around this tea that says that this beautiful heart-shaped tea has its origins in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Princess Wencheng was married to a Tibetan ruler to settle a border war. The princess prepared some Anhua dark tea and rose petals accidentally mixed with the leaves. The surprisingly pleasant taste inspired in her a sense of peace and acceptance of her role.




Dark tea, rose petals


Warm, earthy, smoothly floral due to the rose, with a hint of sweetness.


Smiley face 8 fl oz Smiley face 195-205 F
Smiley face 1 piece Smiley face 2-3 mins


Steep this tea in a glass teapot. It is a relaxing experience watching the leaves unfurl. 


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