Harvey Evacuation Checklist

A list of things to do if you have to evacuate

Tropical storm Harvey is continuing to rain down on Texas into late Tuesday and Wednesday. Though it is not expected to regain as much strength, it will deliver another 20 inches of rain. Here is a handy list of things you can prepare in case you need to evacuate to a shelter or to a friend’s place:

What to take with you?

Yourself, family and pets – And that is all that matters really. The rest of the list is here just to support it.

Once you got that covered, here’s what to pack:


Passport, driver’s license, SSN

Deed to your house

ID per each child

Wallet, cash

Proof of insurance


Clothes: (Per Person)

2 Underwear

2 Socks

2 Trousers

2 t-shirts

1 jacket

1 pair of walking shoes

Useful items:


Sanitary items (tampons, pads)

Alcohol hand sanitizer

mobile phone  – because you don’t have a hand crank radio, do you?

Mobile phone charger

Items you will most likely forget but will be glad you packed:

These are items that some shelters in Houston are low on:

Food bowles


A book or something to keep you from getting bored at the shelter


Hair brush, tooth brush

Cat litter / puppy pads if you have a kitten or a pup

Additional Items - If you have the time and space

Battery banks to recharge your mobile phones

 mobile internet devices

Computer hard drive

 Non-perishable food (nuts, dried fruit, chocolate bars, juice, powder milk, water)

What to do before leaving your house:

Identify your nearest shelter and figure out the safest way to get there

Turn off utilities

Tape up any broken windows

Fill up the fuel tanks in your car

Lock your house

Upon return:

 Don’t light a flame until you are sure there is no natural gas leaking

This list is made by us Houstonians at Story of My Tea, based on experiences of people facing Harvey as well as the advice given by volunteers at hurricane shelters in Houston. By all means use it to check things off as you ready yourself for evacuation, but also do think beyond this list to assess the unique personal needs of you and your family.

Stay Safe, stay strong!

– Team Story of My Tea

Story of My Tea is a Houston based tea startup focused on creating beautiful tea experiences. This article is our little bit of help to keep our fellow Texans well informed and well prepared to face Harvey together.

Picture By Rae Allen – Flickr: IMGP6020_evacuating-rosalie, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12669832