So where do you get the teas from?
We are the James Bonds of sourcing teas. We do anything and everything possible to get the teas – We find them directly at the source, we buy them from other suppliers and brands, we pick them right off of the streets where the locals get them from the target countries, and what not? The idea is to experience teas and tea cultures as authentically as we can.
Are the teas good?
We only send out teas that we would share with our biggest crushes. During our tea tastings some common questions we ask are “Will I share this with Doutzen Kroes or Gal Gadot?”, “Would I have this tea with Jared Leto?”. So yes you are getting the best quality. Well that and we make sure we are sourcing from award winning suppliers and also that the teas are loved by thousands of the locals.
What's with the tea cultures?
There are so many exciting and flavorfull ways of consuming teas beyond the western and gong-fu styles like the Morrocan, Turkish, Samavar, Chai and Mate cultures and more. We bring you quick ways of adapting these styles into your tea time for a richer tea experience – this includes preparation, serving and pairing ideas inspired from these cultures.
Can you match teas to my taste with an algorithm or something? No?
We are some of the best programmers in the world. But we are really done with algorithms suggesting us what to watch, who to date, which friend’s post to see and what to eat and drink. This subscription is about turning off the need for similarity and stepping into moments of rich new experiences and adventure in your tea-time. Don’t misunderstand us though.. we love algortithms and a huge shout out to services like tea box and sips-by who are striving to match teas to your taste. We want to keep this subscription more of an adventure.
What if I am not satisfied?
For whatever reason it is, shoot us an email at weneedtotalk@storyofmytea.com and we will take care of you in any way we can. If we can’t, we will return you your money at the least.
Want to know what teas we would share with our biggest crushes?

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