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Quality and freshness of specialty loose leaf tea

Picked after testing hudreds of teas from around the world.


Just drop and steep

Steep one quart of iced tea with no hot water, ice or special equipment.



Taste all the goodness. Naturally low astringency and deeper flavor.

Great for all-day-sipping or for pairing with your favorite food

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Pure Camellia Collection

For those who like it pure. The best tasting single origin pure camellia sinensis specialty iced teas!

Taste the 5 cold brew teas for $14

What they say about us:

These are my new favorite iced teas! I love the convenient cold steep method that brews a smooth, never bitter, iced tea. I steep a quart overnight then fill two bottles, one to take to work and one to enjoy when I get home.

Suzanne Klein


Like holy crap, soo delicious and refreshing, no sugar needed!

This iced tea has a lot of complexity and my boyfriend really liked it.

Jordan Barret


Iced teas are a refreshing way to drink your herbs in the summer and these blends are bright and flavorful! Add a splash of iced tea and a touch of stevia and you’ve got yourself a summer mocktail.

Katie Dwaileebe


There is so much I like about Story of My Tea, their products are top quality. I’m just as excited about the new Hello Tea Iced Teas, in fact I’m anxious to get my hands on some more because it’s getting hot outside!

Lisa Beachler