About Us

We are your everyday Houstonians who are inspired by the diverse cultures in this city. We love technology but we are not a fan of algorithms suggesting us what to eat, watch and drink. Story Of My Tea is born out of our passion for tea, mindfulness, travel and cultures. It is out attempt to bring a spirit of adventure, an open mind and an experience of diversity to your tea time.

Each month we explore and taste through several teas to bring you some of the most amazing teas from different tea cultures of the world. We don’t try to match teas to your taste, instead we provide an opportunity for you to explore the diversity in flavors and connect with the cultures. With our experiences, we hope to inspire you to slow down and connect with yourself and the world around you.

Team Story of My Tea


Cold Brew Iced Teas

The best teas to cold brew, packaged in a drop and steep pouch. Flavorful, healthy and great for summer!

Monthly Subscription

Discover different teas and tea cultures with 5 teas and their stories every month. So far we helped our customers explore tea from 18 countries.