Blind Tea Tasting

A guessing game for your taste buds with tea.

An exciting way to discover great tea.

The best monthly tea subscription.

 $20 $16/mo!

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Blind Tea Tasting Subscription

Taste mystery teas, identify the flavors and guess the teas.

Discover great teas every month and expand your tastes.

$20 $16/mo!

How It WorksJoin Now!

How It Works

Taste Mystery Teas

Get 4 loose leaf teas, with only a number and instructions, matched to your preferences.


Guess The Tea

Taste a tea, connect with its flavors using the tasting wheel, and guess what tea it is.


Reveal The Teas

Use the reveal cards to, well you guessed it, reveal the name, origin, and some more info about the tea.

Save Your Favorites

Save your favorites, learn more about the teas, or buy more of the teas with a scan from your phone.

Become a blind tea taster!

Summer Special!

Blind taste some of the best summer teas.

Order now to get the June Summer Special Pack.


Special offer – $20 $16/month


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In The Box

  • 4 loose leaf teas based on your preferences. Each tea makes 4-6 cups (10-14 grams each)
  • A tasting wheel
  • 4 reveal cards
  • A free tea tasting guide (ebook) – delivered with your box
  • Free shipping in the US

Add mystery and mindfulness to your tea time

Discover tea from different cultures

Expand your tastes and your sense of flavor

Have a mindful me time

A fun game with friends and family

Story of My Tea Reviews

Curious why we are the best tea subscription? See what our customers have to say.

4.8 rating
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 23 reviews)
Very good9%

“Would rate it 10/10. I did it for a little event for mostly non-tea people and everyone loved it! QR codes are a nice touch. Please do more!”

– Eric

“I like the concept, the packaging, the gamification of tea 🙂 I also really like finding out about the teas. Where they come from, how it’s picked and prepared, any historical tidbits about it. I think that’s a great touch you don’t see often.”


“It was very enjoyable. I ended up having several friends (with very different preferences) over to enjoy it with me. Their reactions were priceless and having a wide variety for only 5 teas was great. The sizing of the samples was plenty even for having several people participate.”


“I absolutely loved it! I’m new to the world of tea, and I am exploring. I also have always strongly disliked tea, so I’m prone to assuming the worst. When this came along, it forced me to enjoy the experience of the tea fully, and THEN make up my mind.”


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